IFA 2020: intelligent sustainability, hygiene and wellbeing

IFA 2020 is still where all the technological advances in Europe come together. This year it had to go phygital so that it could continue to show us the new trends. In this way, it also pointed to the future of big events in the wake of social distancing: combining a reduced physical presence with the latest tech innovations.

Connection by Finsa never misses this meet-up –you can read some of the past highlights here– so we’ve put together a list the things to watch from IFA 2020.

Intelligent sustainability

Artificial intelligence and big data are being used in electrical appliances to help reduce energy and water consumption and to extend battery life. These new devices from Samsung are an outstanding example of this. They “learn” your wash routines, which helps to reduce usage time by 50% and energy use by 20%:


Prioritising hygiene

The air quality in our homes is a trend that has taken off because of COVID-19. Air purifiers and cleaning devices were big topics at this edition of IFA 2020. Outside the home, the interesting electronic mask from LG has been making waves.



Flexibility and wellbeing

The rise in working from home and the home office has seen products become more portable or modular. With the idea of making the house a meeting point or smart home, things like security and interconnected devices have become a priority.

For wellbeing inside our homes, there are now tools that intensify the gaming experience by making it totally immersive, something that we predicted with the phenomenon of eSports. These Phillips Hue lights create the right atmosphere by synchronising the colours with what’s happening on screen:


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