When Interior Design Meets Fashion – Colour by Gudy Herder

In our last post we saw that there are some similar sources of inspiration in the fashion and home design worlds.  Today we would like to focus on a topic which is a passion for many of us and affects everyone in one way or another…

Colour is a relevant indicator when it comes to deciding how we want to live and what we consume.

The textile world often provides us with colour concepts that we will try to translate here, with several examples of projects in interior design, styling, furniture design, and suggestions that come from the fields of hospitality and gastronomy.

Our point of reference is Scout, a trend agency in Australia that has revealed two of their colour prognoses for Spring/Summer 2019.

Trends are born out of a real need in society that drives us in various specific directions.  This need or individual change in values permeates several disciplines, which is important for a trend to be able to grow and expand.



The first proposed colour palette is a fresh and relaxed combination of blue tones, complemented by two greens within the same colour range – mint gives a fresh touch, while dark oil reminds us of deep waters.

Nature is the main source of inspiration, particular in its liquid state: water.

The reason we are focusing on this resource at the moment is the growing concern about and awareness of the state of the oceans – the global call regarding the waste that we are creating and the initiatives for the collection of plastic and fishing nets that require new designs.

Hotel Bienvenue Paris de Studio Chloe Nègre

Hotel Bienvenue Paris de Studio Chloe Nègre 

Talisman table de Studio Chloe Nègre


Copenhague Restaurant de Gam Fratesi


Elena Mora Styling


Into the green de Note Design Studio para la Stockholm Design Week


Graniti Fiandre de Terzo Piano


But it’s not just water’s influence that leads us to find this colour in many areas.  It is also the psychological effect it has on us.

Apart from being the most popular colour worldwide, blue’s presence today is becoming more and more important as the need for creating a serene and calm environment, one where we can disconnect from our increasingly  demanding surroundings, grows.

Blue tones will be used widely to create tranquil and reflective spaces which help us find mental calm.


The warm colours of the desert are the source of inspiration for the second palette, one which strikes a balance between land and sky.

Experience is the new key word that defines the youngest generations that prefer to travel, explore, and live in the moment rather than to buy things, enter into financial obligations or put down roots.  It is the earth which is calling them and it is the earth from this colour spectrum is derived/

The selection of Grand Canyon images which have been seen extensively on social media, invite us on a journey of exploration that gives us vitality, inspires us with the desire to explore and yet, at the same time, provides comfort and serenity.

These earthy tones, including terracotta, ochre, rust, and coffee, are still strong.  The rustic touch they provide loses some of its strength when it is combined with geranium pink and sky blue.

Apartment in Turin de Marcante Testa Architetti


Elena Mora | View Point Magazine


La tienda Malababa en Madrid de Matteo Ferrari Studio y Ciszak Dalmas


Workshop Brothers Café de Studio Esteta


The materials are raw but refined, enriched by a soft and sensual touch, while the geometric motifs and patterns are inspired by more folkloric origins.

In interior design, warm browns, rust, and dusty tones are juxtaposed with pink and burgundy accents.


Gudy Herder | Eclectic Trends