When Interior Design Meets Fashion – Topography 2.0 by Gudy Herder

The series When Interior Design Meets Fashion came about by observing the similarities in the areas of fashion and living spaces.  Designers from various disciplines are often inspired by fashion shows, including in their own designs the colours and textures that they see in record time.

On this occasion, however, it’s aerial photography that provides inspiration for motifs and colouring in the textiles sector, such as in furniture design.

It’s difficult to determine who inspired who first, but the important thing is to enjoy the visual impact.

The Earth’s surface, with its details and shapes as observed from a bird’s eye view, has been one of the greatest sources of recent inspiration for the design world.  Our desire to keep exploring from the air has been fulfilled by the rapid increase in images taken by drones.

The hashtag #drone has grown from 2 million images shared on Instagram at the beginning of 2017 to more than 6 million today.

The desire to explore and delve into unknown lands or seas is part of human history. However, until now, individual flight at medium altitude has been out of reach for most.

To be able to fly and guide a drone is the new adventure pursued by photographers, filmmakers, and passionate creatives.

The fashion and furniture design sectors feed off topographical sources of inspiration such as sediments, rocks, swamps, and fossilisations that can be found in the mountains, as we can see in the following examples.

Fernando Mastrangelo | Martin Across

The artist and designer Fernando Mastrangelo has recently presented Escape, a collection of modern furniture that uses dyed sand to create the illusion of a three-dimensional landscape.

Each piece in this furniture collection is made of three different materials: silica,  hand-dyed sand, and powdered glass.

“The materials should be related to the concept of the work.  If I’m making reference to the natural earth formations or landscapes, why not use a material which comes directly from that landscape?”

Färg and Blanche | Moscal
Edward Fields rugs | Phillip Lim (Photo: Imaxtree and Matteo Volta)

The rugs in the Reverence collection inspired by the landscape crack break, and flow, evoking a type of realism that hovers between the abstract and photography, watercolours and pastels.  The neutral colour palette combines perfectly with the ombre colours that allude to the sea and the sky.

Fernando Mastrangelo | Fucking Young
Lisa Berkert Wallart | Martin Across

The collection The Landscaper from Martin Across is inspired by the Andes in Ecuador,  the designer’s country of origin.  It’s influenced by the geological sediments and the challenge for those who brave the trek, while at the same time treasuring the nuances found in these spiritual lands.


Gudy Herder | Eclectic Trends