The best posts of 2019

What better way to end the year than with a look at the best posts of 2019?  Today we are looking back at the most-read articles from each month of our magazine before a new year begins.


Low cost and sustainable decorating

Recycling, DIY, second-hand objects…Everything you need to redecorate your house when you don’t have a big budget and want to respect the environment.




The senior art director at Adidas took a look back at his career for an in-depth interview on the star section of our website.



Heidi Syndrome

From biophilic design to forest bathing, we encouraged you to incorporate more nature into your surroundings in order to keep this disorder, which results from a lack of nature in cities, at bay.



ENORME Studio: passion in each project

We compiled a list of some enormous projects from ENORME Studio.  Rocío Pina and Carmelo Rodríguez’s ideas will not leave you feeling anything but indifferent



Emotional design: how to make your audience fall in love

A way of looking at interior design by focusing on emotions and the senses to create spaces that connect with people.



The camp aesthetic in interior design

From Mae West’s sofa by Dalí to the extravagance of the Memphis Group, we showed you some of the best examples of camp in interior design.



The power of colour

Pink calms the nerves, blue strengthens creativity, red makes us feel hotter, and other interesting facts about the world of colours and the positive effects they have on our brain.



Streaming pollutes our planet…a lot

The contribution of the digital carbon footprint to pollution is growing.  The newest enemy is on-demand streaming.



Sustainable Brands: the brands opting for sustainability

These are some of the companies that are changing the world by changing the way they do business in order to build a more sustainable future.



Examples of neuroarchitecture: designs with a mind

These spaces were intelligently designed to achieve their respective goals, with everything from a school for learning better to a hospital waiting room that reduces stress.



The best places to work: buildings with the WELL certification

Buildings that put the health and wellbeing of their users first – buildings designed to make us feel WELL.