The best places to work: buildings with a WELL certification

If your office doesn’t look like these ones, share this post with your boss.  These WELL-certified buildings are designed with the health and wellbeing of their users in mind.  If you play your cards right, you might just end up working in a WELL environment just like the ones in this article.

WELL Platinum


The headquarters of the American Society of Interior Designers was the first building in the world to obtain Platinum WELL certification.  Its objective was to “show the many ways that design can positively affect the health and wellbeing of its employees while boosting resource efficiency”, according to their CEO Randy W. Fiser.


The first project in Spain and the fifth in the world to receive the Well 2 certification was that of the Actiu corporate headquarters.  “The container was very efficient, but we needed to improve wellbeing for the people being contained, that is, those inside the building.  We wanted to create a more efficient, collaborative, and friendlier space”, explains Pablo Amorós, who is the head of corporate wellbeing at Actiu.


AMPERE e+, Paris

The SOGEPOM headquarters in the heart of La Défense, the Parisian business district, received Platinum Certification after its refurbishment.  Ampere e+ is a building from the 1980s that has been completely renovated, incorporating new technology such as a mobile app which can control the lighting and temperature of the workspaces.





This project by Ruíz Barbarín managed to respect the essence of the iconic building designed by Sáenz de Oiza while incorporating the latest advancements and making it a benchmark in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and comfort.  One of the criteria that must be met to obtain a WELL certification is the encouragement of physical exercise among its employees, and Castellana 81 did this by including parking areas for bikes, as well as showers and changing rooms.


SCENEO, Bezons

This office building in the Parisian suburb of Bezons was designed by the HRO studio and was the first building in France to obtain the WELL certification.  The acoustics and lighting combine with impressive views of the Seine, which can be seen from the dining room located on the top floor.



This London office building was the first European building to obtain WELL certification.  The space includes acoustic and biophilic elements which are related to the work of this consultancy firm.  These elements include an active green wall, latticed partitions with plants, and integrated Distributed Mode Loudspeakers (DMLs).


In the pipeline

OXXEO, Madrid

This sustainable and avant-garde building designed by Rafael de la Hoz is currently in the process of obtaining a WELL certification. Some of its merits includes its exterior structural latticework, which maximises natural light on each floor, and its large interior space.