ENORME Studio: passion in each project

This week our Connection with… is taking us into the world of ENORME Studio, an architecture and design studio with offices in Madrid and which is headed up by David Pérez, Rocío Pina, and Carmelo Rodríguez.  But in order to get to know them a little bit better, today we are focusing on some of their projects.

Living Big: All I Own House

This was a very important project for the studio, as it was the first transformable house that they did.  All I Own House had a huge impact and increased the studio’s visibility.  But above all it marked the beginning of the “line of enquiry surrounding the flexibility of domestic spaces that, five years later, we continue to work on, and it is one of Enorme’s future lines, too.  It was a project that opened us up to the world of possibilities at the studio,” says Carmelo Rodríguez.   It was followed by EIP House and Casa MJE.

Astral Bodies by Finsa

One of the latest projects from ENORME Studio is Astral Bodies, FINSA’s project for Milan Design Week.  The ENORME Studio team is particularly satisfied with how well it was received by the public and the interest it awakened: “Everyone’s first reaction was to touch the material, and that is essential because that was the goal – that the material became the protagonist of the space.  The initial idea, of a meteorite that lands, and that people go to see to find out what it is made of, was realised in the installation.”

Furniture: Bovedilla series

Among their furniture designs, the Bodevilla Series investigation stands out, the objective of which was to promote the use of industrialised ceramic pieces in furniture.  The series caught the attention of Rossana Orlandi and ENORME Studio presented it at her gallery during the last two editions of MDW.  “They count on us and we are going to try and have pieces on display there every year,” says Rocío Pina.

Schlickeysen is a modular furniture system based on two types of metallic supports and curved ceramic tile arches.  They can be configured in any way by combing them: tables, continuous benches, platforms, topographies etc.  Kurul, the second prototype, is reminiscent of the chairs of the Roman senators and is characterised by its curved ceramic tile arches decorated that are with personalised patterns.

Tandem Madrid-París

At ENORME Studio, they are conscious of the need to generate a design culture among people.   Among the initiatives that they have developed along the path to showing that the activation of urban spaces is dependent on us,  we find the Tandem Madrid-Paris program.  They installed various “urban artefacts” in the centre of Madrid: a theatre, an open classroom, and an autonomous energy machine that can charge your phone.  “It worked like a laboratory: the improvised acts in the theatre every afternoon showed that this type of set-up is useful and necessary, and that citizens use them of their own volition, that that spontaneous use is much more open and complex than it was traditionally understood to be,” says Rocío Pina.

This is also related to education and helps to raise awareness that those other things can happen.

Bizarre Columns

This personal project by Carmelo Rodríguez looks into the transformation of the column into a pop icon over time.  This Instagram account collects rescued columns from magazines from the 60s, the 80s, libraries etc.  “I also receive a lot of projects that people send me that they have found in other magazines, or on holiday.” Through this investigation the Doricahhh and Jonicahhh lamps were born, which revive the distinguished classical past of columns and transform it.