Versatile spaces for digital nomads

The new digital nomad is able to work anywhere in the world, but it’s very important to have a comfortable, functional, and above all, versatile space to do so in. They need good technology, a welcoming space if they opt for coworking, or adaptable furniture if they choose to work from home.


Working mood

During lockdowns in 2020, we all worked in every room of the house.  Furniture company Ros wanted to provide a solution to this, and launched their Working Mood line.  It consists of furniture pieces that adapt to all kinds of spaces.  Martín Geretto, head of Design and Products at Ros, explains that the line provides “concrete solutions” for rooms, hallways, and even kitchens, taking into account the size of apartments.

“Homes are getting smaller, meaning that objects need to adapt and, if possible, have two uses,” adds Geretto.  That way, furniture can ‘hide’ so that the office ‘disappears’ when the workday is over.  Efficiency and flexibility in two simple steps.

Muebles Ros

Regus rents out places all over the world that adapt to the ‘needs’ of workers, be it a group or an individual. With “light-filled and inspiring” offices, they offer shared spaces or the option to book your own personal desk, creating a “vibrant community” of professionals.

The company says it’s all about making sure that every person is comfortable in these environments, with “flexible” designs and the ability to “open up a space or change location”.


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Working among some greenery

We’ve already discussed how plants are essential in any workspace.  Levira has made it easier to combine your personal and professional lives in the same space by offering jardinères.

The company says that having plants inside “doesn’t just improve the appearance of a space, it also affects our mood, improves creativity, reduces stress, and cleanses the air, making us healthier and happier”, and digital nomads seem to agree.

The company focuses on “ergonomic products with attractive designs” and, thanks to the huge increase in people working outside of the office, their website shows that many of their small, lightweight desks are sold out.  During lockdown, they sold 3,000 units of one of their desk models, which was popular all over Europe.

An internet connection is a must for a digital nomads, but getting the desk, chair, bookshelves, and the rest of the workspace just right is also essential for this new way of life.