London Design Festival 2018: What we experienced

The Connections by Finsa team went to the London Design Festival last week.   After spending these days careful reflection, we’re sharing our chronicle of the event.London Design Festival 2018

After having highlighted the unmissable events at London Design Festival 2018, and having experienced the mayhem of London last week, it’s time to take stock of what we found at one of the most important international design festivals.

General assessment of the London Design Festival 2018

Without doubt, this is one of the freshest international fairs that we have been to.  Why? Because a lot of the proposals that we see are still in the experimental phases (and as you know we are big fans of creative processes) and they are created by fearless  new designers who, above all, really want to improve the world.  They are proposals that won’t leave you feeling indifferent and that are full of meaning.

London Design Festival 2018

Sustainability: driver at London Design Festival 2018

We can confirm that sustainability is the common theme of this edition.  The concept is becoming bolder and incites the spectator to use design as a tool to reflect.  In this sense, creators question each other as designers of sustainable solutions and, in this vein, we saw many proposals made with waste material or different options to avoid single-use products.

London Design Festival 2018

Design re-designs itself

Though it seems like overcomplicating things,  we can conclude that interpretation of the art of design was derived from its interpretation as a central part of our wellbeing, making it a part of the emotions that we experience.

Moreover, we’ve detected strong support for fledgling designers, giving them the opportunity to appear at an international design festival as significant as this one.  New blood brings a freshness to this edition of the London Design Festival.

The neighbourhoods make the London Design Festival

Exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum or in the area of Brompton are what allows this event to be felt throughout the whole city, not just in specific places.  In this way, the general public is involved in design, which is complemented by its global and multidisciplinary interpretation.  The atmosphere is global and connections arise between designers and citizens in a completely natural way.

Do you agree with our vision of the London Design Festival 2018?  What would you highlight?  As always, we encourage you to comment, share, and connect on this page and using the #ConnectionsByFinsa on social media.