Your junk room is calling: organise your home during isolation

Now that we are always at home, we have no choice but to face what’s actually in our home: clothing, books, CDs, and more.  Given that we are spending so much time in this space, it’s simply inevitable.  But the more at peace we are at home, the better we will be able to cope with isolation because we will be able to feel ‘at home’ in this space again (so to speak).  We’ve laid out a few ways to tackle this essential task from different angles: materials, what to do with the things we don’t need, and how to work from home.

Cleaning and mindfulness

Disinfecting and cleaning the home have become essential routines, and we must think about the type of products we are using on different surfaces and what materials we are applying them with.  Hygiene and efficiency can be achieved using eco-friendly products that also promote a chemical-free environment.  IKEA recently debuted their BOSTARD line of eco-friendly tools for cleaning the home.  Something else to take into account is that, according to this interview with professional organiser Alicia Iglesias, we should think of cleaning as a ritual that keeps us attuned to our home, rather than a tedious task.

But it’s not all about general and deep cleaning. We should also be following some daily routines that allow us to maintain a clean and organised living space, like these tips and tricks from organising guru Marie Kondo.  Incorporating them into your daily routine from the moment you wake up until you go to bed will generate a sense of calm during this time in a confined space.


Donate, recycle, or throw it out

If you have decided to do a complete overhaul, you’re more than likely following the advice of professional organisers.  You’ve sorted out what’s staying and what you no longer need.  But what to do with the things in the latter category? Marie Kondo has the golden rule: donate it, recycle it, or throw it out in the most sustainable way possible for the material it’s made from.  Apartment therapy has some options for donations and, depending on where you live, you can check the local council website for the best way to give your possessions a second life and maintain the most cyclical system possible.

Work-from-home space

If you’re working from home, remember the five pieces of advice from ACTIU, a company that specialises in workspaces, that Connections by Finsa shared in this post.  It’s important that the surroundings you work in are pleasant, have natural light and, if possible, are separate from the other areas of the house.


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