The three big ideas at Rebuild 2022

Rebuild 2022, the main event in Spain for the architecture and construction sectors, highlighted three big trends during talks that formed part of the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0. Want to know more?  We’ve summed up the key points below:


Co-creating solutions for the sector

When industrial designers, manufacturers, and construction come together, you get a product that was specifically designed to meet the real needs of people that are going to use the space.  Co-creation is already a must because putting together the knowledge and needs of each stakeholder will result in innovation.  One example of this the Plug & Play architectural mural, the work of idea incubator #Finsa&SimonCoLab, which features a panel of technical wood with an integrated lighting system.


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Project co-development

Another collaborative concept.  The successful Petit Village project from Reinventing Cities C40 is the perfect example of the advantages that come from collaboration between different parties, something that is true in both the public and private sectors.  Careful analysis of projects like this one can help us outline a simple and logical modus operandi in which all stakeholders have a say.  



No-impact buildings: zero or nothing

Is it possible to build a zero-impact structure?  One of the talks at the congress focused on this exact question, an issue that is a huge concern for the sector.  The solution is already being used in several different projects that can serve as a model for future development.  Designs must start from zero when it comes to circularity and take industrialisation into account (i.e., dismantling, unpacking, reuse, and energisation of architectural projects).

Do you agree that these concepts are trending?  Are you putting them into practice?  What do you think were some of the big ideas to come out of #Rebuild2022?  Let us know on socials, using #ConnectionsByFinsa.