Architects have to figure out how what they are building will deal with nature and its phenomena.  In extremely cold climates, a home is the most important shelter for people.  Here are some examples of structures that have been built in icy conditions.


  • Skýli by Utopia Arkitekter: A mobile home designed by Utopia Arkitekter in Iceland. The structure’s main objective was being able to withstand the elements during extreme winters and be transported easily to some of the more remote regions along the famous hiking routes on the island.


  • Mirage Gstaadt by Doug Aitken: American artist Doug Aitken built a mirror house nestled amongst the mountains of Gstaad, Switzerland.


  • Glass House by Santambrogio: The simple geometric shapes of this structure contrast with nature’s contours, while the glass reflects the landscape of northern Milan.


  • Kujdane Cabin by Shomali Design: This house, located in northern Iran, provides a new take on traditional A-shaped structures, with one gabled and one timber roof, the latter of which provides thermal insulation.


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  • Lavvu: This fixed structure is inspired by the traditional dwellings of the Sámi indigenous people of the Sápmi region (formerly known as Lapland). It is heated by a fire placed in the centre of the home, with the smoke funnelled out via a metal chimney that occupies the central hollow that was formed by the structural poles used in traditional lavvu.


  • Malangen by Snorre Stinense: Located in Norway, this refuge combines opaque glass side panels with good thermal insulation.


  • Ariston Comfort Zone: Ariston built this environmentally friendly, sustainable, and modular home on Disko Island in the heart of Arctic. This home features the latest high-tech products and is both energy efficient and sustainable.  It will be home to a group of scientists that are investigating climate change in Greenland.


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  • Cabin in Malsev: Snorre Stinense designed this building, located in northern Norway, to house people that come to the region to fish for salmon.