These professionals inspire others in the design and architecture world.  But they too look for inspiration to get their creativity going.  What to do they read? Who do they follow?  What do they recommend? How do they reflect on their own work?  We’ve put together a list of 10 things that inspire our interviewees from our CONNECTION WITH… series.


Antonio Jesús Luna, Editor of ROOM Diseño

One of the biggest names in design in Spain turns to publications for inspiration. “In the digital world there are Dezeen and DesignBoom, and on paper there is Frame and Diseño Interior.”

Portadas de la revista ROOM Diseño, Antonio Jesús Luna


Héctor Santos-Díez, architectural photographer

“I try to look at the work of other photographers or read what they have written.  On one hand there are the classics, mainly Ezra Stoller, and on the other hand there are my contemporaries, mainly on the internet.  I also enjoy the work of photographers in the art world who use architecture as part of, or as the setting for, their discourse, like CrewdsonHöfer etc.”


Mireia Cervera, Consultant specialising in Commercial Strategy in the interior design sector

“Lately the work of foodies like Elsa Yranzo and Laura Ponts have fascinated me, [as well as] trend influencers that work with colour and material moodboards, like Gudy Herder or Trendland”.


Pablo Álvarez, CEO of Vitamin

“I look at new technology and/or its applications every day, I work with it and I focus on being able to introduce it into different interactive installations. My biggest inspiration is Daito Manabe, a multi-faceted artist connected to programming and musical composition”.



Lilian Flores, architect

“I think while I’m drawing.  Between the mind and the paper, there is only a pencil.  Pinterest is a drug for the eyes”.


Gudy Herder, trendsetter

“I don’t often reuse the same channels of investigation, but the one thing I never miss is the design fair in Milan in April.  It’s like an open-air bible that provides me with information and inspiration that lasts the whole year.”


Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén García Grinda, AMID.CERO9

“Our house is full of books, architecture, CDs… But we understand that getting out and absorbing everything that might be of interest is more valuable.  The world has many centuries of history behind it, and we try to understand its complexity at each point in time.”


Juli Capella, architect and publisher

“The method of the creator is to question everything constantly, either criticising it or praising it.  It’s a sickness that makes you creative.  It’s a different attitude towards life”.


Ricardo Tubío and Xabier Rilo, Cenlitrosmetrocadrado

Tradition, our own experiences, the society that we grew up in, and all the things that surround it, all of it influences the way we design”.


Belén Moneo and Jeff Brock, architects

“Inspiration comes from being able to travel and appreciate the many solutions that we find in cultures that are different from our own”.


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