The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES) is the biggest of its kind in the world and, because of the pandemic, this year’s edition is being held online.  We should be paying attention to technology now more than ever.  We’ve seen how it affects everything from our jobs to our leisure time. Even the spaces we live in and how we design them are impacted by automation and the use of smart devices.

What are some of the trends and lifestyle changes on the horizon as a result of this innovation?  There is so much white noise online, so we’ve sifted through speciality media and put together a list of some of the most important developments to come out of the CES 2021.


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CES 2021: Health and accessibility

It was always obvious that the coronavirus was going to have a huge impact on what we were going to see at CES 2021 when it came to health and its digitalisation.  Wired magazine featured toilets that can detect illnesses, a device that tells you when you should go to the toilet, and robot assistants with arms that can assist functionally diverse people with housework.


5G cities

El País sees 5G technology as a turning point for smart cities.  Specifically, it highlights the use of sensors to increase efficiency and save energy in buildings.  These sensors can also be used in smart kiosks, which are installed in the street and present information of public interest, such as alerts and announcements.


Everything’s flexible – even our screens

Flexibility in our homes has reached new heights.  Flexible and rollable screens have taken over the tech market and are adapting to our every need.  Just want to quickly type something?  Use the smallest version of the screen.  Need to see the minute details of a video?  The screen can be folded out, making it bigger and easier to see.


Personalisation thanks to artificial intelligence

The newest innovation in AI comes in the shape of a lipstick, with Yves Saint Laurent launching a device that allows you to choose a custom shade.  The Verge explains how the lipstick connects to a mobile app where we can make a shade using the colours in our collection.  This technology will definitely have other applications.


Where are the webcams?

The CES always showcases devices that provide solutions to our problems.  However, Xataka and many others have remarked on the absence this year of a piece of technology that defined 2020: the webcam.  These devices have changed very little compared to other products like TVs, an area that brands have really focused on in terms of innovation.


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