Casa Decor 2021: three post-pandemic trends

Casa Decor 2020 was a digital event, but this year, Casa Decor 2021 is a live event that you can visit in person, just as it has been in previous years. The Casa de Allende will open its doors to more than 200 professionals, with 55 different spaces forming part of the exhibition.  So, what are some of the key themes you will notice at the 56th edition of Casa Decor?  Well, the three standouts are reflecting on what ‘home’ really means; the co-existence of artisanry and technology; and the #CasaDecorSostenible (or “Sustainable Casa Decor”) campaign.

Rethinking the home

“All of a sudden, every single inch of the home has taken on a new significance,” says Alicia García Cabrera, director of Casa Decor, explaining one of the key themes of this edition.

The home has definitely become more significant for interior design professionals over the last year. Creating new spaces and new uses for those spaces, such as home gyms, leisure, or work areas, has been a focus for the industry this year, and this is evident at Casa Decor 2021. An example of this ‘rethinking’ of the home is the Dica apartment, which is filled with multipurpose furniture designed to take full advantage of the space in a loft.


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Other ideas are noticeably rooted in philosophies such as hygge or feng shuiThe Sofia Space, by Sofia Oliva Arquitectura, is defined by what she calls “comfortable minimalism”.  The use of white creates a space that evokes a sense of calm.

Then there is the beauty in the little things. which is the foundation of The Noemtri Space with its clear Nordic influences.  This is a beautiful entryway in which the details come together to create a space filled with colour and glamour.


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Artisanry and technology

Although they seem worlds apart, we can see how artisanry and technology go in hand-in-hand at Casa Decor 2021.  The partnership  throughout the exhibition, starting with the innovative space by popular streaming platform Netflix, which was based on one of its productions.  It is a recreation of an interior/exterior world, with public and private spaces – a living room and the bars of Madrid.

This coming together of artisanry and technology is also on full display in the ABB Niesen space.  This ‘smart hotel’ is based on the principles of eco-design and ergonomics.  It features sustainable materials such as clay and recycled wood as well as smart energy control using automation.


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The artisan’s skills have a major role to play at Casa Decor 2021, starting in the building’s entryway, which features a handmade silk and wool rug that welcomes each and every visitor.  El jardin de las delicias (‘The Garden of Delights’) by Kaymanta highlights the important role of artisanry.

The Adunia salon features traditional Manchego products that transport us back to their roots while also evoking strong emotions. The materials used (clay, ceramics, glass, wood, textiles, and natural stones), as well as their durability, are also part of the central themes that this space wants us to consider.

When it comes to exclusive pieces, there are five objects from the Objet Nomades series, an idea from Louis Vuitton featuring well-known designers that have created pieces based on the idea of travel and nomadism. The collection includes a chair, a leather screen, a lantern, and two lamps.

Simon Electric has brought technology and sustainability together in an immersive space.  Through the use of a lightweight fabric and artificial lighting, they invite us to question the true meaning of interior and exterior, inside and outside.


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#CasaDecorSostenible: not just another trend

“This campaign isn’t just another passing trend, it’s one that’s here to stay,” says García Cabrera.  The 2021 edition will continue the push for sustainability that it started in 2019 by promoting the use of recycled materials, low-energy products, and eco-efficiency for the home.  And this guiding principle of sustainability isn’t just another feature of the exhibition.  This year, PEFC Spain will calculate the event’s carbon footprint and will analyse it once the event has come to an end.  It will then offset these emissions with certified forest plantations.

Do you agree with this trend analysis?  Do some other ideas come to mind?  Tell us all about on social media using #ConnectionsByFinsa.  Make sure you check out our breakdowns of Casa Decor from 2019. 2018, and 2017.