Influencers and trends in 2020

They accumulate thousands of followers on social media, especially on Instagram.  Their design advice sets trends in the same way that big companies do.

We dived into the world of design influencers and listened to what they had to say, and we noticed that their posts about what have been and will be the trends of 2020 had a lot in common.

Want a sneak peek?  Think warm and cosy environments created using natural materials and unique elements that add that something special.


Lighting – the starting point

The lockdowns experienced all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic have forced designers to rethink some key aspects of their creationsLighting, for example, is now of prime importance.  It’s all about creating spaces that take advantage of natural light and provide a sense of comfort.

Asun Antón from Coton de bois, which has offices in Barcelona and the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood of Madrid, is a big supporter of this concept.


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When the sun goes down, nothing helps create a warm and cosy environment quite like a fireplace does.  The smell of burning firewood, the hypnotic colours of the fire, and the crackling of the wood among the flames make it a must for anybody that is able to have one.  Bárbara Sindreu agrees.

Well-known British designer Cate St Hill says lighting some pretty candles is the best way to create a cosy environment for those of us who can’t have a fireplace.  It’s a simple solution and has a similar effect.


Orangey tones are gaining ground

Because of the restrictions being enforced due to the pandemic, we want more comfortable homes where we can spend extended periods of time.  Colour plays a pivotal role here.  For Valeria Jacobs from Rebecca & Genevieve, warm tones and organic textures are the big winners this year.

“I love colour and incorporating different textures into a space, so I am so excited to see that warmer colours such as terracotta, burnt orange, greens, and mustards are getting more popular,” she told The Spruce.

She added that “lots of organic textures from wall coverings to decor accents are coming back big time in 2020”.


Materials that bring us closer to nature

In a year when we want to feel close to nature without leaving the house, the materials we use in our home might help us achieve this.  Timber is the undefeated champion here. Miriam Barrio from Miriam Barrio Estudio uses it in many of her projects to create balance and warmth.

Amy Kartheiser combines different types of metals in her projects.  She says it’s something that never goes out of style. “It looks like brass is here to stay. I love that it’s being used all over the home—in kitchens, bathrooms, and lighting fixtures,” she told The Spruce.


Unique, made-to-measure elements

There’s nothing like unique and personalised elements to make the spaces we inhabit convey who we are and make us feel even more comfortable. Originality is being valued now more than ever.

Creative director Brady Tolbert told The Spruce that “while drum shades and the more traditional shapes will always have a place in design, I am loving the resurgence of pleated and accordion shades as well as very severely conical lampshades that are almost triangular in shape. The hard angles can give any lamp a retro yet modern look”.


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For interior designer Lucía Mariñas, there is no better way to separate two spaces than made-to-measure doors.  They add a special something that’s hard to beat.

The pandemic has also brought a desire for more transparency in order to have more space.  Rivka Davidowitz suggests organising your home and using clear elements to achieve this.


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