In celebration of Instagram’s 10th birthday, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to get the most out of this social media platform, whether you have an Instagram account or not.


10 years of Instagram: displaying your projects

Instagram is the go-to social media platform for audio-visual content.  Are you already making the most of the formats Instagram has made available over the last ten years?  These include individual photos in square form as well as landscape and portrait orientation, long videos, livestreams, stories, reels and carousels.  According to this study, the latter is definitely the most popular format on Instagram.  You can publish creative things like this:


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Instagram and Pinterest are the platforms with the highest number of interior design and architecture professionals thanks to the emphasis is on audio-visual content.


Instagram = inspiration

How often do you experience creative block?  And how many times have you wished that you had something that could stimulate your creativity to give you that something extra when you’re brainstorming? Instagram provides exactly that with its hashtags.

We recommend following a mix of frequently used hashtags, like #architecture or #interiordesign, with less frequently used ones, like #timberarchitecture.  The first type is used by millions of people, meaning that only profiles that Instagram classifies as relevant will be the appear first.  We also recommend looking for some gems amongst the posts with less frequently used hashtags.  Another tip: don’t forget to follow hashtag variations in different languages.

Another functionality that will be available soon to Instagram is the keyword search, meaning that you will be able to find content faster and more easily.  At the moment, you can only search for posts by using hashtags.

Of course, publications such as Connections by Finsa select and suggest interesting accounts that will inspire you.  Take a look at our post covering 10 Instagram accounts that are all about colour.


Sell products and services

Instagram lets you shop with just a tap of your finger.  As part of its most recent redesign at the end of 2020, the platform put more emphasis on the interface’s buying functionality.  This is more than just your average shop.  In Shopping, you can not only upload a catalogue of your products, but also of the services your company provides.  Why not list your professional services on Instagram and add to your acquisition channels?


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Finally, if you want to feel inspired and make sure you’re up to date with the latest trends in architecture, habitat, and interior design, you can follow Grupo Finsa on Instagram, where we also expand the Connections by Finsa universe.


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