Five remedies for creative block

Creative blocks happen and, because we understand how awful they can be, the Connections by Finsa team is sharing five inspiring things you can rely on that will motivate you to get through any project.


I book on Sundays

Carmelo Rodríguez from Enorme Estudio has been hosting his I book on Sundays videopodcast for a few years.  During each episode, he calmly discusses architecture books and magazines from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.


A tv series is great for clearing the mind

If you’re more of a tv series kind of person, we have another suggestion: Explained, a collection of episodes covering a mishmash of different topics that will definitely help you think outside the box.


You don’t need a muse to breathe life into your creativity

When you want to create something, sometimes it’s helpful to get rid of some preconceived notions.  This is exactly what neuroscience expert Mónica Kurtis explains in her book Potencia tu creatividad de la mano de la neurociencia (‘Boost Your Creativity with the Help of Neuroscience’), in which she offers a series of exercises for bringing about inspiration.  As she says, “everybody has creative potential.  It doesn’t belong exclusively to artists”.


Creativity straight to your inbox every month

What if being inspired was as easy as receiving a monthly email that contained the most important information about trends in architecture and interior design?  We have just the thing for you and it’s just a few clicks away.  Sign up to the Connections by Finsa newsletter (Spanish version, but you can translate it with AI!).


Artificial intelligence and inspiration

Yes, artificial intelligence can get out you out of more than just an idea drought.  The use of generative AI tools that produce text, such as ChatGPT, or images, like DALL-E, can be an essential tool when you use the right prompt.  Make sure you always ask it to act like a design or architecture professional and change its creativity temperature from 0 to 1.