Do you use dictionaries?  How do they help you?  Are they an obsolete concept?  We here at Connections by Finsa want to share some of our thoughts on the new types of dictionaries that are around today and how we use other reference books, such as guides

Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and guides are still our guiding lights.  Just look at the millions of copies of Papyrus: The Invention of Books in the Ancient World that have been sold. This text explains the origins of books and their relevance to our evolution as a society, winning its author, Irene Vallejo, Spain’s National Essay Prize in 2020.  A few years prior, researcher Javier López Facal queried ‘the supposed authority of dictionaries’ (La presunta autoridad de los diccionarios) and  explored how we record our world in compendiums that give meaning to our realities, both physical and digital.

As part of our exercise in reflection regarding this category of books, we analysed the recently published dictionary of design and innovation in Galicia: an ever-changing selection that covers 140 examples from a range of sectors, including industry, graphic design, architecture, and interior design.  It’s more than just a local guide, with international brands such as Inditex forming part of the list.

This project is unique because it came about thanks to an exhibition that showcased many of the pieces that ended up being mentioned in the book, and because its final page doesn’t actually signal the end of the book as it will constantly be updated.

We invite you to dive into this index-less digital book that takes you through the A to Z of a simplified history of each case study and details the key features of their amazing design and innovation.

Tools like this one,which have a permanent legacy, are not just highlighting the importance of recent creation. They are also acting as an inspirational catalogue to refer to when you are experiencing a creative block.

Another reference document we want to highlight is this one, which was put together as part of World Design Capital Valencia 2022.  The guide acts as a roadmap for all those who form part of the design value chain, from organisations and companies to institutions and public services.

The guide is designed to help you achieve a unique, effective, and competitive result that meets the needs of everyone concerned.  You can even download everything, from briefing models to legal documents, from this section.

Dictionaries, encyclopaedias, guides…Do you believe there is still a place for them?  Share your thoughts on social media using #ConectionsByFinsa.