3 must-see highlights of 3 days of design 2024

The 3 days of design fair has spent a decade showcasing the best in Scandinavian and international design, both emerging and established. From June 12nd to 14th, it will celebrate its 11th edition in Copenhagen, and from Connections by Finsa, we want to highlight the 3 must-see events among this year’s 250 proposals.


The kitchen in its most minimalist essence

Following this year’s EuroCucina event, the kitchen continues to be a prominent space in design events. 3 Days of Design will present these three minimalist and functional initiatives.

POSSI will display a modular system that transforms the kitchen into a flexible and versatile space, allowing for continuous reconfiguration and adaptation with ease.



Gaggenau will showcase its Essential Induction cooktop, designed to seamlessly integrate food preparation and daily life, following the philosophy of “less is more”.



Antonio Frattini and Studio Eggi will also provide solutions that combine simplicity and innovative design for adaptable kitchen spaces. Look out for this set of furniture designed to incorporate fun and interaction into children’s food preparation.

Studio Eggi


Wood everywhere

We couldn’t overlook wood, as the Scandinavian tradition is undeniably tied to this natural resource. A testament to this is the proposal The future of bathrooms is wood, which aims to use this material in any direct application with water.

Carpentry exhibition by the Copenhagen guild cabinetmakers


Another noteworthy event is the carpentry exhibition by the Copenhagen cabinetmakers. It will highlight the craft and explore all the design possibilities with wood.


New materials for a new habitat

Is everything already invented? Materials, layouts… Don’t miss the decorative pieces by Paper Paste Living, created from the reuse of paper pulp.

Paper Paste Living


From new materials, we move on to new conceptualizations of spaces. Natural Material Studio will invite us to delve into WHITE UTOPIA, an artistic installation that reflects on the design objects that make it up, advocating for a fluid and flexible proposal.


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