The metaverse in the workplace

Will the future have us working with one foot in the office and the other in the metaverse?  Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Modern Work, Jared Spataro, has said that “technology is essential for bridging the gap between the physical and virtual: cameras, digital whiteboards, and virtual meeting rooms help give everyone a voice and seat at the table so they can be seen, [and] heard”.  These statements show that, no matter whether a company is big or small, traditional or innovative, it is likely already thinking about how to make the most of the metaverse so that it can be used as a real workplace.  This article highlights some recent initiatives and examines the impact that these changes might have when it comes to how we think about the workplace:


See the world with meta-coloured glasses: Meta Quest

Meta Quest is Meta’s way of introducing us to the metaverse via a virtual and mixed reality headset.  This tool shines a light on the different possibilities for collaboration when it comes to remote work without having to sacrifice proximity.  In addition to this device, Meta also offers immersion experiences and management admin controls.


All in one: physical, virtual, hybrid, or in the metaverse

Ernst & Young has created the EY metaverse lab and EY wavespace to help businesses develop in any way they like, be it physically, virtually, in a hybrid format, or entirely in the metaverse.  This allows them to ease companies into digital immersion, adjusting the work to each group of staff.


No one left out of a meeting: Logitech Sight

How can you make sure that everyone feels included in a physical and virtual meeting?  Tech solutions provider Logitech has come up with a camera that allows you to follow conversations by focusing on the person speaking at any given time either from the front or the middle of the room, increasing everyone’s involvement.


Industrialised construction in the metaverse

Imagine being able to design a house in the metaverse and correct any possible errors or test out different designs.  Spanish company Worldmetor is a pioneer in this area thanks to Uttopion, its platform par excellence.


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The afterwork-place

The metaverse isn’t just about work.  You can also set aside a space for relaxation and teambuilding activities like a game of bowling or virtual table tennis, just as you might in a physical office.


The impact of these examples on the workplace design

All of the above ideas are compatible with a physical workplace that wants to articulate and organise assigned work while also enhancing the social aspect of work.  This is something we highlighted at the beginning of this article, and there are examples of this in action in places as diverse as a seafood restaurant and the shareholder board of one of the big names on the IBEX35.

Flexibility is inevitable in the new workplace, something we previously covered in another article.