Five examples of 3D-printed architectural structures

Is it really possible to print architecture?  Here are five examples that offer different structural solutions that have been created using 3D printing:


Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

3D printing of buildings allows for fast and sustainable construction, as well as optimal use of materials.  This makes it the ideal construction approach for spaces designed for humanitarian purposes, such as the Kakuma refugee camp.


Social architecture

3D printing can also help build permanent settlements, such as this one in Botswana.


The first 3D printed bridge

This 3D-printed steel bridge is the work of Dutch designer Joris Laarman.  Laarman founded his start-up MX3D based on the idea of developing technology to print large steel structures.  The bridge was printed using a robot and a welding machine.


Sunshades for gardens and piazzas

Dutch company Aectual specialises in designing 3D-printed solutions for architecture and interior design.  We are fascinated by the elegance of the shapes found in this sunshade for outdoor spaces.


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Building a house in less than 8 hours

Can you imagine building a home of 60m2 in less than 8 hours?  Well, Valencian start-up Be More 3D did just that.  They already have new projects in the works, including a villa and subsidised housing.


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Una publicación compartida de Be More 3D (@bemore3d)


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