The metaverse is everywhere. But why are hearing so much about it all of a sudden? The news out of Meta (previously known as Facebook) as well as virtual reality devices, such as smartglasses and haptic gloves, are bringing to light the possibilities that a completely immersive digital world offers. We’ve chosen five metaverse models, starting with one of the very first and ending with some more recent examples:


The beginnings of the metaverse: Second Life

Second Life was a pioneer in parallel digital world creation.  It started in 2003 and brands like Dell exploited its virtual economy through events.  In Spain, a politician held a virtual rally in 2007, at a time when sites like YouTube and Twitch weren’t quite as popular as they are now. This platform is still around and has several new offerings for content creators.


Worlds that are more open than ever

Fortnite, the open-world videogame that can be explored, holds events that happen outside the competition itself.  The biggest one was Ariana Grande and Travis Scott’s concert.

Another interesting example in the entertainment world is the virtual game creation platform Roblox, which incorporates fashion and other products.


Balenciaga turns pixels into fashion

Speaking of fashion, which we also touched on in this post about NFTs and cryptofashion, big luxury brands have been launching their first digital product campaigns.  Balenciaga recently took it one step further by debuting their latest line using some very famous models: The Simpsons.


Art you can actually touch: Immersive art

The art world is also a pioneer when it comes to digital products and multiverses.  Ideal, the Digital Arts Centre, located in Barcelona, exhibited an immersive version of the paintings of Gustav Klimt.  The exhibition included a 30-minute 3D video which required viewers to wear virtual reality glasses.


Expanding your home cinema

Imagine experiencing the best of a movie theatre in the comfort of your own home and sharing that experience with your friends all over the world in real time.  That’s exactly what Bigscreen cinema offers.  It’s a virtual platform that is so much more than just a home cinema setup.  You can attend big events and feel as if you are there in person thanks to your avatar.


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