Imagine carrying your art collection or wardrobe around in your pocket. Well, now you can, thanks to cryproart and cryptofashion. Here are a few recent examples of this new phenomenon:

Tree Hash: the first piece of cryptoart sold at ARCO

The 2021 edition of art fair ARCO sold the first piece of digital art in NFT form by artist Solimán López.  It’s a digitalised version of a real bonsai whose geolocation is connected to the artwork using a type of NFT that guarantees authenticity and prevents the falsification of cryptoart.

Tree Hash (2021). Solimán López.


The first NFT exhibition in Spain

In the first half of 2021, Still Human was exhibited as part of the Onkaos project by Colección SOLO, making it the first physical in Spain dedicated to cryptoart.  The project sponsors digital artists.


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Cryptofashion and luxury

Sergey Arkhanhelskiy, CEO of tech company Wanna, says that “in five or perhaps ten years, a relatively large part of the revenue of fashion brands will come from digital products”.  Wanna and Gucci made waves when they created the first virtual sneakers and sold them for 10 euros.  You can’t wear them in real life, but you can use them to virtualise your selfies and take your outfits to the next level.


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Aura, the first global cryptocurrency blockchain

Another big moment for cryptofashion and the luxury market in 2021 was the creation of the Aura Blockchain Consortium, the first luxury global blockchain and the result of an alliance between Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Cartier, three brands that are usually competitors.  Their website explains that it’s “a solution by brands for brands to enhance luxury customer experience”.


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Had you heard of these examples of cryptoart and cryptofashion?  Make sure you read our next article about the latest trends in cryptoart, NFTs, and digital art.