Open up your drawers, find the things that are truly special to you, and then put them on display! Join the cluttercore movement, a trend that found its way from TikTok to interior design.

Cluttercore is all about organised clutter, helping us to feel safe and secure by surrounding us with a diverse range of objects.  Maximalism and anything exotic are back. It’s not about creating chaos; rather, it’s about celebrating life and making our spaces unique.

Interested in having a cluttercore home? Here are few examples that might inspire you.


The creative disorganisation of artists

The most creative example of clutter can be found in the house of Malaga artist Juanjo Fuentes.  At the heart of cluttercore is the idea of surrounding yourself with objects with soul, and Fuentes’ house is a prime example of this.  He describes himself as an almost compulsive collector, saying “I’ve always been fascinated by all kinds of objects: toys, illustrated books, postcards, porcelain…I find things in street markets and I’ve always been entrusted with the family heirlooms”.  The memories and objects given to him by his friends have turned his house into a real maximalist treasure trove.


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Spaces that are full of life

Designer Michelle Nussbaumer combines different worlds to create spaces that are full of life.  She’s inspired by different cultures, souvenirs from her travels, and memories of far-off lands.  She combines these with modern elements to create truly invigorating experiences.


More is always more

“More is always more”, says Martin Waller, the founder of Andrew MartinThe brand is all about maximalist design, in which the objects that we love can be found on every shelf and tabletop, creating an eclectic atmosphere.  As the designer says, “Never make the mistake of thinking your home is finished, as it evolves as life unfolds”.  This trend is about homes in which there is always room for more.


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Bright colours and geometric contrasts

Boldness is another defining characteristic of cluttercore.  It breaks all the rules, with its bright colours and eye-catching ceilings, geometric contrasts, and unique furniture.  This style is characteristic of interior designer Lulu Lytle from Soane Britain.


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Put everything you love on display

It’s all about taking those special objects that you love out of your drawers and putting them on display. Don’t hide them! Show them off! Photos, art, family memories, market finds…the emotions behind each piece are what make the space truly yours.


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