Connective nature by Finsa: reconnect with your senses at Madrid Design Festival 2022

How long has it been since you’ve allowed your creativity to be awakened by your senses?  Felt the weight of your body, or listened to a bird sing?  CONNECTIVE NATURE by FINSA designed by Izaskun Chinchilla offers you a chance to get back in touch with your senses as part of Madrid Design Festival 2022.  Let’s take a sneak peak at what’s in store.

The exhibition consists of a route with eight stops, which you can visit in any order you wish, and hopes to awaken your senses.  With a view to intensify the experience, each of the areas has a suggested hashtag that you can use to share your experience on social media.  Shall we begin our journey through this urban oasis?


Five minutes a day listening to birdsong #listentoabirdfinsa

According to environmental organisation National Trust, this healing sound, when listened to regularly, can help us with emotional problems brought on by a lack of natural light.  You will be able to pause in a specially designed chair that amplifies the acoustic characteristics of a recording that will awaken your senses.


Create something beautiful and share it #createbeautyfinsa

With so much chaos around us, we need to create beauty now more than ever.  What shapes can you see in the tangram pieces floating on this pond?  They invite you to play with them using your hands, to move them, to turn them and, above all, help you to manage your thoughts in a helpful and positive way.


Swing your body and feel it #swingyourbodyfinsa

Take a trip back to your childhood and become aware of your body once again by feeling the way it moves back and forth on this swing.  Close your eyes and experience the momentum that courses through your body from your head to toes.  Have you got it?  Now that we’ve moved our bodies, it’s time to stimulate our minds.


Don’t tell anyone, but… #tellmeasecretfinsa

Sharing a secret is an act that is loaded with intimacy.  It connects us to other people, and at the same time, provokes a rush of adrenaline.  Lean forward while sitting on these chairs and listen to what we have to tell you…it will stay just between us.


Lie down and breathe #lyeoverthegrassfinsa

A pleasant day in nature in a green space that beckons us to lie down.  Here, you can find shelter from weather conditions that might ruin the sensations you experience.  In this part of exhibition, there is a spot for you to lie down peacefully and remember that physical, primal contact with nature.


Haikus to savour #readapoemandsmilefinsa

A sequence of gradient floral colours creates semi-hidden spots where you can read haikus, Japanese poems that often celebrate the beauty of nature and encourage us to slow down and observe.  Read them to the person in front of you.  You’re bound to get a smile out of them as they are touched by the delicate words.


Feel the weight of your ideas #scanyourbodyfinsa

One of the basic techniques of mindfulness is body scanning, which involves observing each part of your body with an open mind and discovering what is happening at that very moment.  A sofa made up of inflatable pieces will help you to do just that by yielding unevenly to the weight of the parts of our body.


Remember me #shareamemoryfinsa

Goodbyes aren’t bittersweet if they help you create a pleasant memory.  The final stage of this urban oasis consists of a space where you can share a pleasant experience you have had in the past.  There is chalk and a round table where you can let your imagination run wild.  You can write a few words, draw a picture, a diagram…the sky’s the limit.

You can visit CONNECTIVE NATURE by FINSA at the Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa (located at Pl. de Colón, 4), Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 9pm, until March 13.