Surely you have something of hers at home. Because Inma Bermúdez, National Design Award winner 2022, has created all kinds of everyday objects: lamps, furniture, glasses, vases, plates, coat racks, backpacks, faucets, stools and even toilet brushes.

These are some of the most emblematic creations of this versatile designer who combines realism and idealism to make life more beautiful, functional, and respectful of the planet.


Follow Me: the lamp that broke the mold

This lamp, created in 2014 for Marset is an icon of recent Spanish design. With it, Inma Bermúdez made the difficult easy and inaugurated a new cathegory: that of the portable luminaire – like the lanterns of yesteryear – and autonomous, without a cable, independent of the electrical grid thanks to its rechargeable battery and Led lights. Follow Me is practical (it has a handle), lightweight, with a playful and aesthetic (available in wood and colours like blue, green, pink, and terracotta), with simple shapes and tilting white polycarbonate shade with three light intensities. There is also a larger version, Follow Me Plus. Over 100.000 units have been sold, and it is so well-known that it appears in a scene from Woody Allen’s movie “Rifkin’s Festival”.


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Lillången: The Small Sink That Opened Doors at IKEA

Inma Bermúdez Inma Bermúdez owes the title of being “the Spanish designer for IKEA” (she still designs for them today, having signed around fifty products) to a sink she created almost twenty years ago, in 2006, when she was an intern at the multinational company. Lillången is pure cleverness: a compact, surprising, functional, and affordable piece that, for the first time, included hooks for hanging towels. The Swedes said, “This girl is very smart.” Since then, they call her “Inma Smart”.


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Lou: “Soft” Furniture for Outdoor Seating

Lou is an outdoor collection designed for Calma consisting of three “soft furniture” pieces: a pouf, an armchair, and a sofa. The seat cushion is made with multiple layers of memory foam, making it very comfortable. The structure of Lou is delicate, created with steel bars protected with zinc and powder coating.


Bob: Recycled Plastic Cubes

Bob is a range of cleaning buckets designed for SP-Berner. With a timeless aesthetic and humble design, suitable for any lifestyle, Bob products feature rounded shapes that are easy to store. They are made from recycled plastic and have been meticulously designed to match the size of pallets, reducing transportation costs and carbon footprint.

Knopare: A Boat-shaped Hook Made from Fishing Nets

Passionate about the future of the planet, Inma Bermúdez designed the Knopare hook-hanger for IKEA to tell the story of the material it’s made from: recycled fishing nets. That’s why she gave it the shape of a boat. This ingenious and playful piece allows you to hang objects of different sizes and also provides a flat surface for smaller items. The material can be recycled again and withstands daily use. “Design is about making things for people. And in a sustainable way,” she affirms.


Punto: Comfortable, Original, and Durable Cushions

Inma Bermúdez created them for Sentat combining innovation and simplicity. She drew inspiration from traditional cushions to evolve the concept of seating and achieve a product that is comfortable, original, functional, and highly durable. She also designed practical carts and wall hangers for storage purposes for the Punto collection. “I am very logical. In my opinion, something that is practical, that doesn’t hinder people’s lives, is beautiful,” she says.


Roots: Very Natural Kilims and Stools

This collection, created for GAN, the handmade rug, pouf, and accessory brand within the Gandía Blasco group, returns to the essence. Roots consists of four kilims made of jute and cotton in neutral tones that evoke the Mediterranean origins of the brand and highlight the work of artisans. Two stools, a single and a double, with a structure made of babul tree wood (a type of acacia), complete the series.

Lurvig: Thoughtfully Designed Furniture for Dogs and Cats

This is one of Inma Bermúdez’s latest creations for IKEA—a collection of 62 furniture pieces designed specifically for dogs and cats. “I insisted a lot. I told them, ‘if you ever want something for pets, I’ll make it.’ I can be quite persistent,” she says. And so, the Lurvig series was born. Lurvig, which means “hairy” in Swedish, offers products for pets to eat, sleep, play, walk, and travel. There is a cat hideout in the shape of a treehouse, padded beds, scratching mats, and even a bowl that helps dogs eat more slowly.


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