In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, outdoor spaces have been revitalised and are being used with new and varied purposes in mind.  As our frequent collaborators Stone Designs told us in a previous interview, “the boundaries between indoor and outdoor have blurred”, which is why there are now some previously unheard of requirements when it comes to the furniture that we use in these types of spaces.  Want to learn more about the five characteristics of the ideal piece of outdoor furniture?  Read on:



Ideally, your outdoor furniture should be able to be configured in different ways depending on the situation in case, for example, a group of friends pops around for a visit, or you end up having a team meeting with fewer people than you had originally planned for.


Plug&Go and reusable

Easy assembly and the reusability are two concepts that are directly related to modularity, although they are also important in their own right.  Simplicity, speed, and practicality of assembly will help you give the space a completely different look in just a few minutes, which in turn could help us go from sit-down meeting to informal networking event very  quickly, while adaptability to different surroundings means the pieces can be used in a variety of different properties, encouraging circularity.


Sustainable materials

The aforementioned characteristics don’t mean much if they come at the cost of the environment.  Outdoor furniture must be made of durable and sustainable materials such as recycled concrete or thermally modified wood.


Timeless design

Last but not least, this furniture should have a functional, timeless design that has global appeal, making it ideal for any style or purpose.


Don’t accept anything less than the above when it comes to your outdoor furniture! Stone Designs, in collaboration with Savia, have created Orixe, a range of modular outdoor furniture that will surprise you with the way it meets these five requirements.  Find out more here.