“We are increasingly disconnected from the world. We are losing the world. The world is more than information, and the screen is a poor representation of reality”. These are the words of philosopher Byung-Chul Han, and they perfectly describe the need to take back control of the how much and what type of information we see and how we connect with other people. Here are five anti-social media platforms that are offering more pleasant alternatives for sharing content:


MeWe: #Not4Sale

Since 2021, this platform has been connecting young people that have wanted to flee from Facebook’s control over data. Their website explains that they “are doing something revolutionary and that’s never been heard of in the social media space: respecting users by avoiding tracking, spying, and looking at their data. MeWe does not have any ads, tracking, or censorship”.


Minds: the open-source anti-Facebook network

Minds was started in 2017 by Anonymous to give content creators alternatives outside of Facebook’s reach. For each post or interaction, creators receive a token that can be exchanged for profile improvements or money.


Poparazzi: anti-selfie and anti-Instagram

Poparazzi is another platform that has established itself in complete contrast to some of the older platforms. It launched in 2021 and does not allow users to upload selfies or edit images within the app.  In addition, users can only add content in which other people are tagged. The idea is to establish an environment that’s more conducive to authentic communication based on connections. Even though they have their own website, they also have an Instagram profile…


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Caffeine: an alternative to Twitch

In 2018, some ex-Apple employees founded Caffeine, a social media site dedicated to live streaming with integrated chat.  It sounds a lot like Twitch, but the difference is in the type of content and creators that use the site, as well as the simplicity of its user interface.


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Launchyoo: you are the algorithm

In 2020, Spain-based Startup Pech Network Services unveiled Launchyoo, a social media site that offers different functionalities depending on the type of profile you create: Influencer, Business, Association, or Super (the most personalised option).  This classification is part of the greater transparency that the app offers compared to other sites.


Are you tempted to try one of these new social media sites?  Let us know what you think using #ConnectionsByFinsa on the above sites or on the more traditional alternatives.