We all know that wood is a high-quality material that can add beauty and warmth to any object, but these three creations are extra special because they source this raw material from specific trees:


The Stradivarius Violin

This legendary brand needs no introduction.  What makes their violins the best in the world is the quality of the wood that’s used in their production.  Since the seventeenth century, the majestic sound of the brand’s instruments has been thanks to aged Bosnian maple, the preferred type of wood for the world’s most sophisticated violins.  The tree can be found in many places in southern Europe, though it’s abundant in the Konjuh mountain region in north-east Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Grovemade wood speakers

What people really want from a speaker is incredible sound, but it’s even better if they are nice to look at it, too. These speakers are made from walnut and maple wood, providing great sound quality and good resistance.  They will set you back between 500 and 600 dollars, with the system designed in collaboration with designer Joey Roth, known for his unique speaker ideas including a set of ceramic speakers.

Grahl Chess

Its 650,000€ price tag is not the only thing that’s special about this chess set made from luxury materials. The cherry and ebony wood board is handmade and inlaid with sterling silver.  It was designed in 1972 by Jim Grahl for the Cole family and is one of the heaviest sets in the world, with the pieces made from solid 14k gold and silver, weighing almost 500 grams each.