Chromotherapy inspired by social media

We are more connected than ever and we also need more energy than we ever have before.  Social media has been flooded by ways to help us give some colour to the spaces that we live in, giving us a sense of hope, strength, and vitality.  Want to know where you can find inspiration to help you use chromotherapy in interior design?  Here are seven Pinterest and Instagram profiles you should be following.



Pantone is a creator of trends.  With more than 10 million views every month on Pinterest, Pantone has become one of the internet’s go-tos for colour.  Architects and designers are always waiting to hear about Pantone’s chosen colours so that they can use them in their designs.


Design Seeds

The Design Seeds blog, which was started by colour consultant Jessica Colaluca, suggests different colour palettes, all of which are inspired by nature and daily life.


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Apartment Therapy

Are you looking to create a home in which wellbeing is a priority? Apartment Therapy is here to help you.  It’s a website where design experts offer advice to help you create a healthier space.



This platform, which was created by Italian architect Elisabetta Rizzato, is a source of inspiration for design professionals all over the world.  Italian Bark was awarded “Best Colour Inspiration Blog” at the Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018.  It continues to amass followers on both Instagram and Pinterest.


Jean-Gabriel Causse

Do you want to know more about how colours influence us?  Jean Gabriel Causse studies how different colours affect our behaviour.  Make sure you start following this writer and designer if you’re not already.  He is also a member of the French Colour Committee.


Daria Zinovaknaya

Jean Gabriel Causse himself follows Daria Zinovaknaya because colour is one of the defining traits of the work of this Ukrainian designer.  Her designs and products are vibrant explosions of colour.


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Izaskun Chinchilla

Spanish architect Izaskun Chinchilla and her studio use colour, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also because they know that it works.  Want to know more about how she uses colour palettes?  Start following her on social media.


Amanda Nisbet

American designer Amanda Nisbet studies the psychology of colour very closely. Her website is a collage of different shades, and she has no time for black and white on her social media.


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