Wood construction 3.0

Are you interested in the use of technical wood as a construction system? Here at Connections by Finsa, we found one the few available websites for learning about and sharing the uses of this material in architecture: https://maderayconstruccion.com/

Architecture evolves at a slow but steady pace.  The latest revolution from Passivhaus and bioconstruction brings with it a resurgence in the use of technical wood as a construction system.  It’s a concept that’s been used in Northern Europe for a while, but it’s just taken off in the south.

Just like annual fairs and conferences, the internet offers a space where we can find inspiration, information, and ways to network.  Early this year, the blog Madera y construcción was born, a meeting point for professionals interested in the use of this material and sustainability. It’s updated 3 days a week, with Mondays and Fridays dedicated to notable projects using technical wood, and Wednesdays focussing on diverse articles by first-rate architectural studios.

Bonsai Arquitectos, one of the blog’s collaborating studios, explains their participation in the project as “promoting and sharing information about and interest in the use of wood, which we consider to be the first step towards a sustainable future”.

Blancafort-Reus highlights the “space for multifaceted reflection based on experience of using this material, something which we haven’t found in any other resource in the course of our professional development”.  Alventosa-Morell says Madera y Construcción is “raising awareness about another way of approaching architecture”.

At Connections by Finsa we like to show you resources that might be useful, so here are the five most interesting articles on Madera y Construcción

  1. Architecture in times of crisis
  2. Building with wood in 12 hashtags
  3. What can we learn from KAZAM!?
  4. Sustainable architecture, better with wood
  5. Reality doesn’t contaminate: notes on wood in modern movement.

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