If you’re a fan of Sex in the City, this concept won’t seem so new to you, since in 2008 the series was already talking about Bag, Borrow, or Steal, a company that rents out luxury bags in Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite designs for a reasonable monthly fee.  Well, more reasonable than their sale price at least.

Since then, the clothing and accessories rentals world has been growing. These are some of the main companies that help you set up your ‘wardrobe in the cloud’.

Rent the Runway, EE.UU.

The pioneer.  Born in 2009, it offers fashion from famous designers with just one click.  Rent the Runway‘s easy navigation made it the flagship clothing rental site. It was the first to add the option of rental of unlimited pieces in exchange for a monthly fee.

Armoire, EE.UU.

Armoire not only lets you have a complete wardrobe in the cloud with unlimited rentals, it also puts a team of stylists at your service, who will assess your clothes and the find the style that best suits you.

Tumnus, Australia

Tumnus was born out of the philosophy that we shouldn’t let our clothes be eaten by moths in our wardrobes without ever enjoying them.  On this site, the users themselves are the people that make the clothes they don’t use available for others.  What should you invest your profits in?  In updating your wardrobe of course!

Le Tote, EE.UU.

This service takes its name from the totes in which the clothes rented by their users are delivered every month.  Your subscription will give you access to a huge wardrobe of informal clothing and looks for work that will let you avoid the stores.

Fly Robe, India

There has been a real explosion of these kinds of companies in India, perhaps brought on by the various ceremonies in which they must take great care with what they wear.  Fly Robe, the number 1 company of this type in India, even offers the possibility of adjustments so that everything fits like a glove.