What are some of the characteristics of a space that has been designed with our mental health in mind? Well, above all, it must emphasise the importance of looking after our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Perhaps that’s why La Llorería (The Crying Room) attracted so much attention.  This temporary space was set up in October 2021 (i.e., Mental Health Month) and was covered with phrases discussing mental health, inviting people to flood social media with something that is usually kept behind closed doors.


Many modern ailments have a lot to do with the way we work. Gruelling workdays, growing demands, and long hours spent in the same environment generate a lot of anxiety.  That’s why companies are trying to boost good vibes using biophilic design.  Amazon’s head office in Seattle, known as The Spheres, is home to more than 40,000 plants from 400 different cloud forests.

Psychiatric hospitals are, of course, all about improving our mental health. The architects at Scandinavian studio White Arkitekter know how important it is to create spaces that are pleasant to be in, which is why they are working on building a psych clinic in Nuuk, Greenland, that consists of a 3,300 square metre building with views of the Greenlandic fjords, snow-capped cliffs, and an enormous frozen lake.  The space flows into nature and has a peaceful atmosphere with lots of natural light.  Its design is a departure from the dark and grey facilities that come to mind when we think of a psych ward.  Instead, it’s all about architecture that can heal us.