Solar Biennale 2022: promoting solar power

How can professionals, creatives, and researchers help to reduce the use of fossil fuels and promote the use of renewable energy now and in the future?  This is the question being asked at Solar Biennale, an event that began at the end of 2021 and that will continue in 2022 at Het Nieuwe Institut in Rotterdam.


Solar-powered art and design

The event is unique because it brings tigether solar power, art, and design.  “In addition to the technological and economic aspects [of solar power], we can contribute by using [the sun’s energy] in different artistic fields,” says Marjan van Aubel, a Dutch creative that Swarovski called “the designer of the future”.  Marjan and Pauline van Dongen are the faces of Solar Biennale 2022, an event they debuted at Design Miami.

Their fashion and furniture projects are a shining example of how solar power can be used in art and design, while Het Nieuwe Institut provides an exhibition space for architecture, art, and digital culture projects.


Solar Biennale 2022

The event features a main exhibition that will be on display at Het Nieuwe Institute in September 2022.  There will also be a parallel program of talks and workshops lasting six weeks, with the end of the of event coinciding with Dutch Design Week.

Although Solar Biennale is all about going beyond the tech and financial aspects of solar power, researchers from these fields will be taking part in talks to offer solutions that go hand-in-hand with design.

Rotterdam is one of the best examples of a solar city in the world.  According to Arno Bonte, the city councillor in charge of Sustainability, Air Quality, and Energy Transition, the event is in line with plans for the city.  In the last three years, the number of solar panels that have been installed in Rotterdam has tripled, and they are aiming for a million installations by 2025.  This tech is also being used along walking and cycling trails, solar power walls, and solar cells on windows.

The future is definitely looking brighter.  Stay tuned, because we’ll be telling you more about this innovative event.