The five must-sees at Dubai Design Week 2020

Dubai Design Week 2020 is being celebrated this week with a combination of physical and virtual events.  We want to make sure you know all about the must-sees at what is the benchmark for design fairs in the Middle East, which is why we’ve chosen five that have been highlighted by specialised publications.



Design Middle East: The shape of things to come

You can catch this exhibition, which was mentioned on Design Middle East, at Downtown Design.  It’s all about how architects and interior designers in the Middle East are reflecting on designing for the way we will live and work in a post-pandemic world.

How will we walk around our big cities? How will the aeronautical sector change? The answers to these questions can be found at The shape of things to come.

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Dezeen: MENA Grad Show

For us, the most interesting part of this fair is the emphasis on emerging issues in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, achieved without sacrificing its more international focus, via the Global Grad Show. Dezeen has chosen more than 35 universities from the region, including projects with significant social impact when it comes to dealing with the health crisis.

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AD Middle East: Abwab

Abwab translates to “doors”.  Every year this exhibition is redesigned, this time by Iraqi designer Hozan ZanganaAD Middle East described it as a must-see that shows “the constant need for public interventions that serve the purposes of shelter, respite and relaxation”.

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Interior Furniture Design Magazine: Dubai Design Week Marketplace

Local businesses need a boost, and that’s why Interior Furniture Design Magazine has put the spotlight on the launch of a locally-sourced marketplace, where creations from over sixty sellers will be on offer, with everything from fashion, jewellery, and decorative pieces for your home to beauty and cosmetic products.


Connections by Finsa Re:treat

Connections by Finsa’s recommendation for this year is Re:treat, a structure built for playing and sitting that uses traditional Middle Eastern fishing nets.  This structure also serves as an introduction for Colab, an important materials library in the region.

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