What are the must-sees of the London Design Festival 2018?

Once again London is immersing the whole city in design.  At the halfway point of the London Design Festival, we are showing you some of the recommendations that we have found online.

London Design Festival and all of the events that form part of its program act as a roadmap for experiencing the styles and trends that design will offer in 2019. We’ve retrieved some of the highlights and stories from the sixteenth edition of the festival:


    1. How does design influence our emotions? The second edition of the London Design Biennale presents different answers to this question through approaches from forty different countries.


  1. For sustainable design: This month, London committed to being one of the eighteen cities with zero carbon emissions. This promise affects all sectors, which is why design wasn’t going to be left out.

    Coloured pots and vessels by Charlotte Kidger


  1. Town planning based on big data: Without a doubt, town planning must adapt to people living in cities. What if we used our personal data to better understand our architecture? An exhibition that won’t leave you feeling indifferent.
  1. Wood for architects: MultiPly, the interactive wood installation in the shape of a labyrinth, picks up the thread of the previous inquisitive proposal about town planning and applies it to the housing crisis and climate change.

    “MultiPly” by Waugh Thistleton Architects


  1. From process to progress: the Dutch design collective Envisions exhibits the next stage in their creative reinvention of the manufacturing of technical wood, an experiment in its second phase which emphasises the industrial process from a creative perspective, in collaboration with Finsa.


Have you experienced these days of innovation in London? Leave us a comment with your recommendations.  You will have ours right here next week after having immersed ourselves in the festival.