Five unforgettable fragrances in scent marketing

Following on from our article about scent marketing, we wanted to share five fun facts and experiences about scent.


The naturalness of just-baked bread

Did you know that the smell of bread that’s fresh out of the oven is difficult to replicate using artificial scents? It’s considered a one-in-a-million aroma.


The smell of a new book

This summer, online bookstore Book Depository launched a collection of bookmarks that smelled like books.  They were called “Eau de Book” and apparently ‘activated’ readers’ brains.


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Leather and wood and new car smell

Another fragrance with a powerful impact on the human psyche is new car smellCadillac has its own fragrance, called Nuance, that it uses to perfume the leather it uses for its car seats.  Rolls Royce sprays all cars that get brought in for repairs with a fragrance that smells like leather and wood, which makes clients feel like they’ve just bought a new car all over again.  This strategy is used by lots of car dealerships and garages.


What did Ancient Egypt smell like?

A few months ago, scientists at Pisa University discovered what Egypt smelled like 3,400 years ago by analysing air masses in sealed vessels using a spectrometer.  These pots where found in 1906 in the tomb of Amenofis III’s architect and his wife and have remained intact since they were created.  The aroma they contained was a mixture of beeswax, fish, and hops, offering a glimpse into a world of infinite possibilities.


What does space smell like?

British creator of personalized perfumes Azzie Glasser has recreated the smell of space as part of an homage to Stanley Kubrick and his film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it’s similar to the smell that comes from an overheated computer.  She also designed the scent of Great Britain at the request of then-prime minister David Cameron, which turned out to be the smell of rain on asphalt.