You may not believe this, but it’s likely that the air quality inside your house is worse than the air quality outside.  According research, the air pollution in our homes and offices can be up to five times higher than that of the air outside.  The COVID-19 crisis has made us more aware of this invisible problem and has awakened our interest in air purifiers for our home.  Which one suits you best?

The most sustainable option

Onelife has all the functionality of a conventional purifier but is better for the environment, with low energy consumption, zero ozone emissions, and a filter that you never need to replace.  Its elegant and customisable design will adapt perfectly to your home.


Pure art          

Airc, designed by Cheng-Hann Wu, could almost be confused for a sculpture inspired by air circulation itself.  It has an abstract vortex shape with blades that extend outwards from the centre and cover its surface.


The purifying potnplant

This creation by Vitesy combines nature and technology by removing bacteria, particles, and smells from the air through the interaction between its filter and the plant.


Multifunctional designs

If you don’t have a lot of space, you should opt for one of following.  AirLamp has an air purifier integrated into elegant lamp shade, while Airea functions as a side table, and Twoway can transform into a coffee table when you need it to.



From home to work to the car, you can take this air purifier with you wherever you go.  The key to the LG PuriCare Mini is just how light it is: it weighs about the same as that bottle of water that you usually carry around in your bag.  Its eight-hour battery life guarantees that your surroundings will be free of dust and allergens wherever you are, and you can recharge it with a run-of-the-mill USB cable.


All the colours of the rainbow

Who said that air purifiers had to be boring? The interchangeable covers of the Blueair Blue family allow you to choose the colour that best suits your room or your mood.

If you want to know more, don’t miss our article with a few essential tips to help you improve the air quality in your home.