Technology is a constant presence in our lives, but have you ever stopped to think about the impact of this on our health?  Amidst the debate about whether our bodies are affected by electromagnetic radiation, a movement has emerged that is looking to reduce our exposure to the electromagnetic waves emitted by routers, mobile phones, wi-fi networks, and other devices.

Making us more conscious of this issue goes far beyond the recommendations to  reduce our use of these devices, which include disconnecting the wi-fi overnight, putting your phone in flight mode, using headphones for phone conversations, or substituting cordless phones for corded ones.  Today, we are sharing a few of designs that help us ‘switch off’.


Silver-infused fabrics

Brands are starting to use silver thread in textile products due to its antimicrobial properties.  These pieces are often advertised as being odour-resistant, but silver also deflects electromagnetic fields, creating areas that are free from the radiation emitted by technology.  The men’s underwear brand Mack Weldon and the sportswear brand Kleen Fabrics are already using it in some of their pieces.

V Technical Textiles have developed a whole line of pieces with fabrics and threads made of 99% pure silver to protect wearers against radiofrequency and electromagnetic radiation.

Bed linens infused with silver

Radiation can affect our sleep patterns by altering our circadian rhythms.  When fabrics infused with silver are used for bed linens, their ability to block electromagnetic fields guarantees better quality sleep.  Sheets with pure silver-covered threads from Silvon also take care of our skin, thanks to silver’s calming effect on skin irritation.

Anti wi-fi paint

If you want to create a shielding effect in a room or all over house, you can also find different “anti wi-fi paint” options on the market.  Made with graphite, they protect a room from electromagnetic fields.  This is the same component that forms the base of decorative wallpapers that create “digital fasting” spaces, in which our bodies can take a break from emissions.

If you prefer to opt for a fabric wall covering, you can find fabrics made with silver fibres on big online shopping sites like Amazon or Aliexpress.



The new makeup that protects us from selfies

Even the Kardashian clan is worried about radiation.  According to studies from the US, HEV radiation from mobile phones could be responsible for premature aging of the skin.  Kylie Jenner has joined forces with Apple to develop Selfie-Cosmetic, a cream designed to protect our skin from the blue light we are subjected to every time we look at our phone or take a selfie.