How to reduce your electronic waste

How can we reduce the amount of electronic waste that we produce in this hyper-digital age?  Make sure you read our next article, which will take a deeper look at this environmental issue.  In the meantime, take note of these five tips:

  1. Reduce: You don’t really need the latest phone that has a slightly better camera. Don’t get carried away by consumerism and buy products based on their durability.
  2. Reuse: Do you know anyone that would make use of that old phone you say is “only good for making calls”? Before you throw it away, think about whether or not you can give it a second chance by giving it to someone you know or donating it to a charity in your area.
  3. Repair: Or maybe you can fix it. If you’re a bit of Mr or Ms Fix-It, the fixer community shares manuals, tutorials, and other tips to help you fix almost anything, from appliances to cars.
  4. Recycle: It’s important to recycle both for the environment and to achieve a sustainable economy. According to Environmental Science & Technology magazine, it’s three times more expensive to extract minerals from mineral deposits than it is to extract them from electronic waste.  If you do recycle your devices, make sure you’re doing so at the correct recycling facility.
  5. Spread the word: Awareness is key when it comes to reducing our electronic waste.  Get the word out there.  You can do this by sharing this article using #ConnectionsByFinsa on social media.