The main competition in the textile sector is already operational in Frankfurt. Started yesterday and finishing next Friday, Heimtextil shows the latest developments together with a trend area focused on the influence of the urbanization in design.

13m2 house is a project of Studiomama which is part of the flexible space trend.

With more than 2,500 exhibitors and about 70,000 visitors from all over the world, Heimtextil is the European most important textile exhibition in the textile sector for houses and contract channel. But it is much more since it also became one of the main display of the trends in the field of future design with the Heimtextil Theme Park 2018/2019.

In an age characterized by urbanization, with more than half of the world population living in cities, the Theme Park of Heimtextil shows how urban life will have an impact in the future interior design. This space is the result of the predictions of a group of international design experts that are collected in the Heimtextil Trendbook, a notebook of the trends for the years to come. Presented in two parts, the book explores how a predominantly urban future will influence the space we live in (Lifestyle trends) and the resultant trends in design and color (Design+Color trends).



Coordinated in this occasion by the Franklin Till studio, that had already been responsible for this work in its 2014/2015 edition, with these tools it tries once again to make these trends easier to understand and to provide an inspirational source to use in the development of the product to the international industry.

How are we going to live, work, connect in the future? This notebook comes to life in the fair in Theme Park through four spaces showing four lifestyles, across pioneering projects and creative works. Also, Heimtextil will welcome a series of conferences held by specialists in design about trends that they draw in their Trend Book, among them Kate Franklin and Caroline Till responsible for the concept.

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