The best of Domotex 2018: Unique Youniverse

The slogan Unique Youniverse Domotex 2018 focuses the growing tendency towards the individualization that pervades it all. Also, the interior design.

Would you like to wear the same shoes as your neighbor? If your answer is no, UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE was designed for you. Personalization, individualization, customization… It doesn’t matter how we call it, this was the topic around which everything moved in the last edition of Domotex, the main international Floor fair, that became a display for the future trend in housing design. The team of Connections by Finsa didn’t want to miss it and today we tell our experience in Hannover.


Domotex shouts: Down with uniformity!

UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE says every one of us is unique, this is why we tend to surround ourselves with unique elements in our home. Because we don’t all want the same, neither we need the same, the industry improves to offer us personalized solutions, adapted to the unique and exclusive necessities of each customer.

There we immersed ourselves in “Framing Trends”, an immersive space in which established enterprises, designers, artists, creatives, students, entrepreneurs blend in… Each one showing his personal and unique vision on floors. This ‘framed universe’ was structured around four stages that focused on future and on how to integrate the digitalization and personalization in the industry.

Endless Uniqueness: the world in a box

Would you be able to define yourself in a 30×30 cm box?  This is what the installation “Endless Uniqueness” consists of: 50 creatives interpreting the central topic of the fair in a small box defining themselves through their favorite floors and objects.  The result was a display full of contrasts, funny, different, original and inspirational, designed for getting lost in these small worlds.


floorCodes: the path to the future

Another unmissable one was the special exhibition floorCodes, a timeline narrating the story of house manufacturing since 1950. A result of the researches of the International Trendscouting Institute of the University of the Applied Science and Arts in Hildesheim (IIT HAWK), through a cloud of pictures, it dramatizes the way trends have been changing in interior design over the years. Resulting from a careful research work, it portrayed a comprehensive overview thanks to the images ‘bombing’ with hundreds of examples which, at the same time, created clouds of color or gave information about changes in materials. It concluded with a step forward in the future, materials and trends that await us just around the corner.



NuThinkers: young = future

Some of the most innovating projects of the fair are found in the NuThinkers zone, that put together student projects and start-ups. Alternative thinkers, who imagined a world beyond the prevailing trends, propose ideas as interesting as a heating system of floors inspired by the thermoregulation of the reptiles, a robotic self-taught painter who can create personalized floors or a virtual reality software that uses the body movement to create individual spaces in real time. This way of integrating students in design schools is a clear declaration of intentions: the interest in getting closer to the future these young people represent and the interest in connecting business and school.

81% of readers trust the bloggers

If that wasn’t enough inspiration, Domotex created a talk show in care of representatives of the floor industry, designers, entrepreneurs… Among the topics covered there were the interaction between craftwork and new technologies, the rise of modular design or the implementation of virtual reality to the sale process. Among all, the talk of Holly Becker, author of Deco8, one of the most famous interior design blogs in the world, stood out. Did you know 81% of readers trust the bloggers? On the basis of this data, it is understandable the interest generated by the talk of the American blogger about how this group can collaborate with brands.


Domotex stomps: 45,000 visitors

We couldn’t possibly leave Hannover without having a walk in the 100,000 square meters of exhibition, a complete catalogue of what we step on today and what we are going to step on in the future: laminated floors, wood, textiles, vinyl, hybrids… Among the innovations, the transference of elements from one material to another, at the level of design, reflected in carpets with spike patterns, like wood, and colorful wooden floors.

The high presence of small artisanal industries, with handmade textile works, draws attention. They became a main attraction for visitors. Together with them, the design studio stands that work for these big industries and expose there their work. A presence that gave the fair another dimension, with fresh people exposing next to big ones and help getting the audience closer to every part of the process, from the design to the finished product.

An inspirational event for any professional who works in interior design for his references to future, to interior design, to decoration, to mood board… we are sure from now on you will follow up closely.