Who says technology has to be boring?  Brands are locked in a dramatic race toward innovation, which has resulted in a new feature being incorporated into their products: design.  It’s not about improving the benefits of the product or making the interface simpler to use.  It’s all about the element of surprise. New shapes, new materials, new aesthetics, new concepts.  We’ve chosen three products that brought design to the field of technology.


A telephone on the catwalks of New York

Why not break with convention? Samsung has done just that with their new smartphone: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.  It’s a smartphone that includes the most advanced technology, with a full screen made of revolutionary flexible glass that allows you to fold the phone so that it can fit in your pocket.


The new Samsung is a clear example of design and technology coming together to form the perfect duo.  A special version of the phone that combines technological innovation, style, and creativity, made an appearance on American designer Thom Browne’s catwalk at New York Fashion Week.


Where is my TV?

Turn your TV into a work of art as soon as you turn it off.  No, this isn’t Utopia.  Samsung has already done it with The Frame.  It’s a TV that, when turned off, accesses the biggest galleries in the world in order to show works of art on its screen.  Imagine having a Van Gogh or a Picasso in your very own living room!  Choose the art based on your mood or the atmosopher you’re trying to create in your home.


Or if you prefer, you can simply hide your TV completely. How?  LG shocked everyone at IFA Berlin 2019 with their rollable TV. It allows you to change the size of the screen or make it disappear entirely by hiding it in a piece of furniture.  And since we’re in the mood for innovation, why not improve it even more by using 8K technology? The most realistic images combined with minimalism have come to define the company itself.



Luxury speakers

Turn your sound system into a decorative element.  The Danish company Bang&Olfusen surprise us every single season.  From limited editions created in collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent to a bronze collection, their products will bring a touch of style to your living room.