Wooden educational toys

Montessori, Waldorf, Steiner… Is anyone of them unknown? Wooden designed toys following this alternative pedagogy have revolutioned demands to Santa Claus. In a war againts plastic, lights and sounds which invade toy shops and leisure centers, wood is the highlight material in these games, created to develop skills and abilities during the childhood. Ecological, durable and educational, without losing fun, there are infinite options beyond the clasic cubes. Would you like to know which ones were bestsellers during this Xmas? We’ll show you some of the most popular from the ecommerce Alupé.

  1. Rainbow. Always a bestseller linked to new educational pedagogy. It’s beautiful, it’s trendy and it’s one of the most equipped toys in the market. It’s based on Waldorf system, it develops kid’s imagination and stands as a good company for kids during their growth.
  2. Treasure basket. This ‘mishmash’, made for the kid to explore and use his senses, contains wooden elements which imitate daily life objects, such as food. metal, paper or cardboard are other materials employed. The premise is clear: there’s no need of toy to play.

    wooden toys
    You may créate your own treasure basket, or you could buy it, like this one from Alupé’s shop.
  3. Music tree. A good way to begin with music is this tree which makes the notes at the moment when you let them fall. Rythm and colour make it something hypnotic and makes kids spend hours without getting bored.
  4. Pikler ball. 100% natural and handmade, made in bamboo and without any glue. This ball is inspired in Pikler-Lóczy pedagogy, whichs promotes autonomous development of children.