The term glamping covers a wide variety of structures and spaces that all have one thing in common: total respect for the natural environment that surrounds them.  These sites let you interact with nature without compromising on the amenities that you would find in luxury accommodation.  Here are eight examples of inspiring glamping sites:


Pop-up glamping

The current success of glamping is thanks to easily recognisable designs including spherical and transparent structures.  These spheres allow guests to completely immerse themselves in the surroundings and turn the sky into the best ceiling they’ll ever have.

These sites can often be examples of pop-up glamping i.e., ephemeral structures that can be easily taken down, but some hotel complexes also offer this experience.  Here are a few that have wowed us:

  • The White Pod Hotel is located in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by a mantle of snow. It’s a series of spherical capsules that offer the best views of the snow-capped mountains.



Glamping structures made of sustainable materials: canvas, straw, and wood

There are other glamping sites that are similar to traditional tents like haimas or those used on safari.  These options are for those looking for an experience in the heart of the wild, like the exclusive Greystoke Mahale Camp, which is located in the middle of the Mahale mountains in Tanzania.


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In the heart of Petatlán in Mexico you’ll find Playa Viva, featuring small wood cabins and a true commitment to sustainable living.


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Then there is at the Paws Up resort in the US, an authentic yet lavish ranch that offers cabins and tents filled with little luxuries.

Our last stop is at Otro Mundo in Fuente del Taif, Albacete, where you can lose yourself in nature in their retro-chic geodesic houses.

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