Five dream vacation accommodations

Do you think you’ve seen it all in vacation accommodations? In this post, we highlight five places inspired by movies and creative processes or located in exclusive locations like a solitary lighthouse. Some of these examples were successful pop-up actions (which served as a testing ground to establish a catalog of unique seasonal proposals), and others are destinations you can still book today. Get inspired by these designs recreated or adapted to generate unparalleled experiences.


Shrek’s swamp

In 2023, the Airbnb platform collaborated with the production company DreamWorks to recreate Shrek’s swamp in a pop-up space located in Scotland. The refuge featured rustic finishes, a bed, kitchen, and latrine. Although the bookings were free, the rental site directed donations to a non-profit organization.



Barbie’s mansion

From fiction to reality: Barbie’s mansion in Malibu was rented out to coincide with the movie release in 2023. Visitors enjoyed the infinity pool and a dance floor inside a place where the iconic pink color dominated both the interiors and exteriors of the building. The stay included a modeling session with Barbie clothes, learning country dancing or playing the guitar, and taking home a surfboard and roller skates as souvenirs.



Breathing the air of creation

The singer Juanes offered his home in Medellín so that two of his fans could experience the creative process of the album he released in 2023. It was another one-night experience in the artist’s authentic dwelling, where guests enjoyed the living room with the piano, sang his songs, visited one of his personal libraries, and walked along the path surrounding the house.


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Vacations in The Holiday

The country house that inspired the movie The Holiday is another unusual accommodation offer whose booking list remained full during 2023. Its charming cottagecore style, from furniture to house structure, with exposed wooden beams, comfortably accommodated an entire family.



Sleeping to the sound of waves

Can you imagine spending your vacation in a remote lighthouse, feeling the waves break? This is one of the experiences offered by the Booka group through It is the first community of lighthouse rentals (although they also offer floating boats and even “weird places” on other platforms), where you can both book and rent out these unique accommodations.

Illa Pancha lighthouse (Ribadeo,Spain)