Eight examples of raw interiors

We here at Connections by Finsa have been following the raw style in interiors to bring you different spaces and pieces that fit its aesthetic vision of tactile rawness and the use of untreated materials that create an atmosphere of simplicity, restraint, and warmth.


A natural orangery

Exposed walls with irregular textures, a sofa with a linen cover and cushions, and a wooden table in raw timber with cracks give this room at an orangery in Amberes a natural touch.  It’s the work of Belgian interior design Axel Vervoordt, also known as the master of wabi sabi.


A workspace

American designer Leanne Ford is another icon of raw interiors.  In fact, she is considered the queen of the modern raw or modern organic style.  The workspace in her Los Angeles home is filled with elements that define this aesthetic: an unpolished wooden table, a bouclé covered chair, a simple porcelain lamp with a pleated shade that gives the space a natural feel.  A painting on the wall provides that modern touch.


An oasis of calm

This project features filtered light illuminating surfaces that provide a sense of calm and peace and reveal a subtle tactility in harmony with the rest of the bedroom.  Light colours, mottled and irregular-looking timber, stump-like bedside tables, as well as natural, thick, and frayed fabrics complete the raw look.


Welcome home, Nature

Having a huge forest in the living room of your home is a real luxury, but it’s one that Danish designer and creative consultant Oliver Gustav has managed to achieve in this fresh and simple space with its combination of rough stone, large, old ceramic vessels, green plants and a black fig tree that reaches all the way up to the ceiling, making the perfect visual showpiece.  The room exemplifies the perfect beauty of imperfection.


A beautiful bakery

Countertops with exposed edges and textured panels paired with simple furniture, lampshades made from natural fibres, and beige and earthy tones form this bakery with pure lines and a natural, organic vibe.


A harmonious combination

Fusion and hybridity can be a part of raw design.  Nature and artisanry in their most pure form have been combined delicately and perfectly to create this lamp with a handmade ceramic base and raffia lampshade by Madrid-based interior designers Rue Vintage 74.


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Naturally relaxed

You can also create a cosy corner with a natural touch in your home, perfect for relaxing with a good book or doing some yoga.  Natural fibres and materials such as wood with all their imperfections on display can help create the right atmosphere.


A balanced bathroom

London studio Mark Lewis Interior Design managed to achieve the perfect balance in this raw style bathroom by covering the walls and cupboards in recycled floorboards.  The ruggedness of the wood is balanced out by the subtle bronze details and oval knobs.  The result is a simple and very cosy space.