The top five designs by Cucuducho

Lois Guillán, CEO of Cucuducho, has chosen some stand-out designs from his brand for us, including furniture with several functions and toys made from solid natural timber.

MAIJOM: a desk with two functions


Maijom is a two-sided desk that works as both a piece of furniture and something to play with.  Its ergonomic design, which includes details such as a footrest for the little ones, as well as the scale of the object, make it possible for children to use it for extended periods of time and in creative ways. This desk won a prize at the A’ Design Award and Competition in the silver category for children’s furniture.

CUNCHA: a seat that can turn into a basket


Cuncha (meaning “shell” in Galician) is an artisanal seat that, when turned over, reveals a hollow space where two bands are hidden – the foundation for a myriad of fun situations.  This design is made of recycled cotton and in collaboration with artisan Idoia Cuesta.

ADORNA: a shelf for little collectors


Adorna (a play on words using the Spanish word for “adorn” and the name of a type of fishing boat common in Galicia) is an individual shelf for storing children’s books. However, it can actually hold any object that fits in the hollow space in the centre.  It’s made of natural wood that comes sustainable plantations.

BODIME: toys that can turn into ornaments


Bodime is a series of fun animals made from solid natural wood, designed to foster creativity and fine motor skills through the actions and processes that occur when using the object.  The wood is in its natural state, which allows it to be coloured in and then returned to its original condition by using some sandpaper or a wet cloth.

MARELA: a mummy cow that can be moved around during play

Marela is a 100% Galician, tractor-like cow that can be moved around during play.  It is made from solid wood that comes from sustainable plantations.  This design comes from a collaboration with illustrator Alberto Guitián and its name is derived from marelo, a yellow tone commonly seen in the Rubia Gallega, a Galician breed of cattle.