Which magazines and blogs about design and trends do we read at Connections by Finsa?

We like design.  And we like to read about design.  We could spend hours jumping from link to link, like a digital Tarzan, or losing ourselves in pages of colour.  Today we are going to share some of the MAGAZINES AND BLOGS ABOUT DESIGN AND TRENDS that we read, from the most well-known to the most obscure.  Let’s get started.


Whenever a new edition arrives we can’t put it down! Photos, essays, interviews – it offers high quality in a carefully put together magazine that some of us would like to live in.

Mix Magazine

Diving into its pages is a treat for the senses.  Colour Hive edits this quarterly paper magazine which includes the latest design trends, illustrates colour theory, and discovers new materials, among other things.

Viewpoint Design

The Viewpoint team speak “the language of design” and boast a team which includes some of the biggest names on the international scene: Pantone, BDA, Franklin Till, and Anne Liberati, just to name a few.

Design Milk

Who can resist the daily dose of vitamin D (for Design) that this digital magazine offers? It includes architecture, art, technology, and lots of interiors.


“Since 1999” it says on its homepage.  It’s possible that we have found the oldest design blog in existence.  In its 20th year it’s clear that it hasn’t lost its freshness.



The German Architectural Digest community has its own digital space.  It’s not a blog, or a magazine, but it’s full of interesting and inspiring content.

Ideat magazine

This is “French chic” on paper, or online.  It’s for those who like contemporary creation, from decorating to art, and for the joy of reading about it.


This digital magazine comes from the Antipodes and is always up to date with the very latest in design, and is not to be missed if you’re interested in interiors.

El blog de StepienyBarno

This architectural duo have made their architecture blog one of the most influential in Spain. But you might not know that they are also the authors behind a blog dedicated to wooden architecture.  And if you’re curious about which architecture blogs they read, they tell you in one of their posts.

Del tirador a la ciudad

Coordinated by Anatxu Zabalbeascoa, this blog from El País is a great place to find content about architecture, art, design, and more.