Three buildings in the metaverse

The construction and real estate sectors have stepped into the metaverse.  We’ve chosen three great examples that will lead to new uses and applications both on and offline.


The model city in the metaverse: Genesis City

Genesis City is the best-known metropolis in the metaverse.  Part of Decentraland since 2017, it features stores as well as spaces to play and interact with others.  Its creation focused on the ideal urban plan for the city.  If something important happens in this virtual world, it happens here.


The metaverse as a construction lab

Infraverse is the metaverse of construction company Ferrovial.  It’s currently serving as a lab for digital tests to check what would happen on site in certain circumstances, like measuring quantities and testing the quality of materials or analysing how the climate can increase energy and economic savings.    This platform also allows professionals from all over the world to collaborate on the same project at the same time.


Digital twins for market testing

Malaga Towers is replica of a real building in Malaga that can be visited in the metaverse.  It’s an initiative of Metrovacesa and their alliance with Datacasas Proptech for testing the market’s response using virtual worlds.  “Our goal was to test the concept of creating a lab in the metaverse in which we can conduct tests; a new way of connecting with clients in a completely digital way and whether they are interested in physical or virtual properties, [and] paying and investing using NFTs.  In short, it’s about seeing if the metaverse offers a new way of doing business”.